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邦德威尔逊技术中心(BWTC)位于Kirtland,纳米纳米博士技术大学(澳门威尼斯人APP下载)和中央综合学区(CCSD)拥有谅解备忘录(MOU)。 2018年8月31日,澳门威尼斯人APP下载和CCSD庆祝了新墨西哥州第一个早期大学高中学院BWTC的盛大开幕。来自Shiprock,Newcomb,Kirtland和Career Prep的高中Stduents参加了教学网站的双信用课程,以前的Grace b。威尔逊小学,他们能够赚取大学学分,通过澳门威尼斯人APP下载提供成人课程,以及实习,社区服务机会和其他实践体验,使学生能够在证书或学位计划中找到就业和/或毕业。 澳门威尼斯人APP下载和CCSD与当地行业建立了合作伙伴关系,以便在新教学部门提供课程。 澳门威尼斯人APP下载仍在这个网站上仍在增长,将提供更多夏季/秋季2020年春季和2021年的课程。我们的目标是在本网站招募更多学生,并为焊接,管道和建筑和烹饪艺术创建证书学位课程。在不久的将来在这个位置提供。


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BCIS1115-BW. 计算机导论 t / hybrid. 上午9:00 - 下午12:00 BWTC 117. H。莱帕欣 3 10
CUL201-BW. Servsafe Essentials. Hybrid - //moodle.navajotech.edu 湖丹尼曼 3 20
ENG098-OLB. Reading & Writing Skills 在线 - //moodle.navajotech.edu T:下午1:00 - 下午4:00 m。汤普森 3 20
纳瓦1110-OLB Navajo I(非发言者) 在线 - //moodle.navajotech.edu MW:下午5:30 - 下午7:30 C。李 4 20
纳瓦2210-OLB 澳门威尼斯人APP下载文化 在线 - //moodle.navajotech.edu TR:下午5:30 - 下午7:00 C。李 3 20
Mth 113-BW 技术数学 mw / hybrid. 上午9:00 - 上午10:30 BWTC 117. H。莱帕欣 3 10
Mth 113L-BW 技术数学实验室 w / hybrid. 上午10:30 - 上午11:30 BWTC 117. H。莱帕欣 1 10
WLD 101-BW 焊接基本面I. m / hybrid. 上午10:15 - 下午1:15 BWTC 123. 湖克里亚里 3 10
WLD 105-BW 管道焊接I. w / hybrid. 下午1:00 - 下午4:00 BWTC 123. 湖克里亚里 3 10
WLD 115-BW 结构焊接I. rf / hybrid. 上午10:15 - 11:45 BWTC 123. 湖克里亚里 3 10






教师:Lorencita Billiman Aka Chef Billiman (Diné) is a certified Sous Chef through the American Culinary Federation with an AAS Degree in 烹饪艺术 from Navajo Technical University. Chef Billiman is originally from Buell Park, AZ (between Navajo NM and Sawmill, AZ). Her passion is cooking from Indigenous to different ethnicities. She states that she honestly does not have a favorite type of meal, but enjoys what her mother used to make for all five of her children and you will not find on a menu. Chef Billiman has been in the kitchen over 20 years and loves spending time with her family and her babies, her daughter, nieces and nephews. 澳门威尼斯人APP下载 has given her the opportunity to live her dream as a certified Chef and as an 讲师 that allows her to share her knowledge. Indeed, 澳门威尼斯人APP下载 has Endless Possibilities. She is a faculty at 澳门威尼斯人APP下载 债券威尔逊技术中心 and teaches Professional Basic Cooking and other culinary courses on Food Safety & Sanitation and Nutrition.





兼职教师:Carmelita Lee (晚餐)来自Sanostee,新墨西哥州,居住在新墨西哥州的Farmington。我是Honagháanii氏族,并出生于NaakaiDine'é氏族。我的祖父的族是Táchii'nii,我的祖父是Naakai Dine'e。我一直在为农民顿市学区教授Navajo语言,为农民室学院,10年来为圣胡安学院和新墨西哥州高地大学2年,目前担任澳门威尼斯人APP下载的辅助教师。我是目前农民顿市学区的地区教学促进员。我从新墨西哥州大道学院获得了小学教育艺术学位的员工;我的文化研究艺术学士学位,重点是纳瓦贺语从英国州英国州。刘易斯学院,杜兰戈,CO;从凤凰城,阿兹的大峡谷大学,我对TESOL教学的艺术学士学位(英语与其他语言的扬声器)。目前,我是大峡谷大学的博士候选人,在组织领导中获得了我的博士,重点是教育领导。我为Navajo语言学习者的座右铭:“我们的Navajo语言很漂亮,不应该被遗忘。学会说,阅读和写语言,过上文化并学习我们的澳门威尼斯人APP下载传统。“





迈克尔汤普森 (Mvskoke Creek)出生于俄克拉荷马州Holdenville,并在弗林特河附近的南格鲁托亚养牛场举起。他是佐治亚州格鲁吉亚,堪萨斯州,加利福尼亚州和新墨西哥州的教师,作澳门威尼斯人APP下载和偶尔的社区活动澳门威尼斯人APP下载。他与Tina Deschenie(Diné/ Hopi)结婚,他们之间有四个孩子和五个孙子。对于他的大部分生命来说,他是一名高中英语老师,包括14年的布卢姆菲尔德高中。从2014年起,他于2019年退休,他担任圣胡安学院的替代许可协调员,作为Bisti写作项目的网站总监。






教师:Harrison Lapahie(JR。), (Diné) was born in Dził Ná’oodiłii (Huerfano Mesa), NM, His clans are of the Bit’ahnii/ Táchii'nii lineage. Nishłį́, Bit’ahnii (Folded Arms People), Báshíshchíín, Táchii'nii (Red-Running-Into-The-Water-Clan), Dashíchei, Tódích'íi'nii (Bitter Water Clan) and Dashináłí, Ta'neeszahnii (Tangle People). He is an Associate Professor at 澳门威尼斯人APP下载 债券威尔逊技术中心 where he teaches math such as 技术数学 I & II, Introduction to Algebra, College Algebra, 数学 for Engineering Applications, Programming I, and 计算机导论. He is an only child of Harrison Lapahie, Sr. and Lillie (Todychini) Lapahie. His father was a Navajo Code Talker during World War II. He grew up in the Pico-Union District of downtown Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from Belmont High School. He states that he was raised as an urban Indian, not knowing or learning his Diné (Navajo) culture or language. But always considered Dził Na’oodiłii and the farmland at Hogback, and the grazing land at Table Mesa, as his homeland. He earned his 科学大师 degree in 电气工程 (MSEE) and has 15 years of engineering experience, and 20 years of teaching electronics, computer science and mathematics, and 1 year of college administrative experience. His engineering experience involved boresight, attitude control, analysis of satellite data and systems, analysis of process control systems (including Allen Bradley PLCs, Honeywell TDC 3000, Foxboro and Rosemont instrumentation), Navy work in the over-haul and conversion of ship’s electrical systems, building a computer hardware system from scratch, cost analysis & estimation, and a lot of technical writing. He has extensive teaching experience of math, electronics, and computer courses and electronics and computer science. He taught Electronic Fundamentals, DC & AC Electronics, Industrial Control Systems, DOS, Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Intro to 计算机科学, C++ (creating video games), Computer Architecture & Assembly, Web Development, Operating Systems, and Novell Netware. He taught at high school, technical institutes, universities and tribal colleges at Diné College (DC) in Shiprock, and 澳门威尼斯人APP下载 (Crownpoint, Kirtland, TEEC NOS POS.). He is the owner of www.LAPAHIE.com which uses ColdFusion, JavaScript, HTML and a relational database (MS ACCESS) to make some web pages dynamic. He has administrative experience as the Chair of DMST (Dept. of Math, Science & Technology) at Diné College and faculty and was Principal Investigator for two grants that sent DC students to two different NASA facilities. Mr. Lapahie returned to his homeland after his father’s passing. He resides in NM with his family.




教师:Laurence“Larry”Clary“。 作为一个孩子,我总是喜欢建造东西并在外面。在成长,我帮助我的爸爸经常建造我们长大的澳门威尼斯人APP下载庭房子。我将永远记住在学龄上学校挖掘我们的澳门威尼斯人APP下载庭房子。在高中,我在先进的木工和金属课上享受了我的时间,我能够建立各种项目。我毕业于高中后,我参加了特立尼达州初级学院,我达到了焊接认证。在冒险进入我自己的建筑公司之前,我有几澳门威尼斯人APP下载当地承包商。通过我的公司,我已经能够与同伴承包商和房主开发许多伟大的友谊。沿着我的一些项目在当地的澳门威尼斯人APP下载庭和一些区域杂志中也是出色的。我通过拨打名为Navajo青年建立的补助金转为2017年教学。我们将在建筑行业中教育年轻的成年人各种技能。教学学生的最大部分是他们完成项目或任务时的成就感。当他们意识到他们能够成功做他们喜欢的东西时,他们脸上的表情是无价的。有机会将我的知识和经验分享到年轻一代非常有益于我。 “没有建筑的世界是一个没有增长的世界。”




澳门威尼斯人APP下载 BWTC协调员

员工:VANGEE NEZ,PH.D. (Diné) is Táchii’nii, born for Ta’néészahnii, Naakai Dine’é my maternal grandparents, and Bit'ahnii my paternal grandparents. She was raised by her paternal grandparents in Tocito, New Mexico. She has a 文科学士学位 degree from the University of Utah in Family Studies, a 艺术大师 degree in Educational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico. Her research focused on Navajo philosophy and how that is used as a pedagogical tool for language and culture revitalization and maintenance for Navajo teachers. Her goals are to work with Indigenous teachers to design their own teaching philosophies and methodologies using core values and cultural teachings to empower Native youth along with mindfulness practices. Dr. Nez conducts various community-based research and educational workshops based on her dissertation. She is the new Coordinator at 澳门威尼斯人APP下载 债券威尔逊技术中心 to oversee student enrollment and recruitment, along with other responsibilities to enlist new programs at BWTC and partner with local corporations. She is working to create a pathway for 双重信用 high school seniors to transition to 澳门威尼斯人APP下载. Dr. Nez is an avid hiker, enjoys reading, speaking her language, and going home to Tocito or Utah to be with family and friends.




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